About us

Founded in 2020 in Vancouver Canada

Scanical operating under the license of Wikitroop solution ltd was built from the ground up by aspiring Stock Brokers who wanted to create a system that could best tackle the market. 

Scanical is a financial markets platform providing real-time financial tools and indicators to help you to find stocks, and pair currencies and crypto currencies that fit your personal trading strategy. Our purpose is to assist you in setting optimum financial goals that strive for better investment, efficient saving, and smarter budgeting.

We believe that financial planning and strategizing is something that should be conveniently available to everyone. With our services, you will be able to utilize and invest your funds at a risk level that best suits your financial goals.


Put your financial goals on autopilot. We are here so that your funds are consistently and efficiently moving forward as the market changes. We want to share knowledge with you, pinpointing the best opportunities to buy and the most profitable times to sell. You are the boss; we are just here to make things easier for you and provide a user-friendly service that is aptly accessible to you.


Personalize your investments with consistent professional advice from our money experts.

Homayoun & Hassan & Milad


Our mission is to help traders find success in utilizing our software in adding multiple indicators to filter the market and get the best signals fitted with top-notch trading strategies and methodology.


We want to empower every trader or investor on the planet to manage their assets more easily.