Professionl Technical Scanner
Real Time Scanner of US Stock Markets , Forex and Cryptocurrency Markets
Build your own trading bot
Easily create your own personal trading bot and connect to your broker account without the need for coding with just your technical knowledge.
Notification on your Telegram account
As soon as your trading strategies are formed, our trading bots will be instantly informed about the formation of the technical pattern by sending a message.
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The best free crypto , forex and stock screeners with technical tools and indicators and company and industry size classification or volatility are easy to use.

Technical Pattern Finder

MACD Pattern Recognition Scanner

Signal recognition based on the intersection of the signal line and the MACD line.

Signal recognition based on the position of the MACD histogram.

Set your own MACD pattern right now, we’ll find it.

Create your own trading bot

Define your trading strategy by defining your trading strategy without the need for coding on trading indicators and connect your trading bot to your trading account
Without the need to follow the system, after identifying your trading pattern, it will register a buy or sell order.

Online Intraday Scanner

Pattern Recognition

Build indicator strategies by combining time frames on all markets. Notify signal as soon as it happens all day and night

We invest our services, so that you can better invest your money.

Multiple Indicators

Using multiple trading indicators to build your unique strategy.

Multi Market

Getting signals on stock market, forex, or cryptocurrency market

Custom Strategy

Build as many strategies as you want in both bullish or bearish market

Multiple Indicators

Using multiple trading indicators to build your unique strategy.

Custom Watchlist

Using your own watchlist or scan markets

Different Time Frames

Access to varying time frames from minutes to weekly or monthly candle bars.

You have ideas, goals, and dreams in trading, and we have a professional, culturally diverse, and forward thinking team to make it easy for you. To enter in a position at the right time and the right price is the best way to achieve desired ends and it is in hands of our professional tools.

Our mission is to help traders find success in utilizing our software by adding multiple indicators to filter the market and get the best signals fitted with top-notch trading strategies and methodology.

We Offer Financial & Superior Services

We provide an advanced and powerful assistant for technicians or professional market traders with the help of which you can hand over the stock market monitor to our powerful scanner without any worries.
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Technical Alert System

Alert on Technical patterns without the need to monitor the market chart.
Avoid any worries as soon as the pattern is completed via notification.
+ Alert on stocks
+ Crypto price alert for Binance Exchange
+ Forex alert
No need to install any applications

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Monitor Time Frame
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Signal Detect
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