SMA Guide

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SMA:A simple moving average (SMA) calculates the average of a selected range of prices, usually closing prices, by the number of periods in that range. A simple moving average is a technical indicator that can aid in determining if an asset price will continue or if it will reverse a bull or bear trend.

Pattern name: Strategy name

Time interval: Candlestick or bar Timeframe

Signal Direction: Bullish or Bearish

SMA: The Simple Moving Average (SMA) is a trading indicator.

Index: Select the period of SMA.


Cross: When the SMA is crossing the Close-price on a candle bar or another SMA. For cross strategy a second index which is the Close-price on a candle bar or aditional period of a SMA need to be selected.

Second Index: Select the second index which is the Close-price on a candle bar or anoter SMA.

Effect:  Select “Below to Above” ,“Above to Below” or Touch. The index functions -Below/Above- in coordination with Second index or Target level.

Target Symbol: Add target symbol.

Time Scope: Timeline for the strategy

“Create and save” or “Create and Add New Indicator”: Select “Create and Save” if building  a strategy with one indicator, or select “Create and Add New Indicator” if adding an additional  indicator to the strategy.

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